Techniques of Indian Paintings by King Bhoja in Perspective.

King Bhoja follows the traditional convention of infrastructure of his textual content arrangement. The Shilpashastra works prior to him allotted nearly one third portion for iconography, sculpture etc. King Bhoja has allotted chapter 70 to 83 for iconography, painting, preparation of painting tools and material, iconometry, classification of objects into male & female types, infusion […]

Rangavali Artistry: An effective action for Hosting and Harvesting

One of the major strands that form multidimensional cultural heritage of India is the living traditions of Folk Art, dating back from Indus Valley Civilization. Since 5000 years folkloristic art form of Rangavali has been utilized in different aspects to elucidate the celebration, where people daily prepare Rangavalis on floor to welcome the pious living force […]

Pune | Old Rangoli In New Avtar Fresco Painting

Lines on Stone

Lines on Stone  (Interesting places to see in India published in Australian Magazine Desh-Videsh: 1997)           by Dr. Bharati MateIt holds your breath. Not even in your wildest fantasy could you ever have imagined, the existence of more than 1000 rock shelters. Such a place, out of which 500 rock shelters are depicted by […]

Sri-Yantra Cosmogram: An Aid for Meditation: Installation

Installation: Sri-Yantra Cosmogram: An Aid for Meditationn                                                       –  by Dr. Bharati Mate & Sunil Balkawade Attune yourself with the Divine:(Synchronization of Ancient & Modern: Art Science and Technology with complementary triple […]

Rangavali Artistry & Eight Fortune Symbols

Rangavali Artistry & Eight Fortune SymbolsA Sublime Floor Canvas Rangavali Art: A Living Tradition:As we all know that India is having multidimensional cultural heritage which consists of several Living Traditions of folk art, dating back from Indus Valley Civilization. Since 5000 years folklorist art form of Rangavali has been used differently to elucidate the celebration, where people […]

Indus Valley Civilization: Art Exploration

Indus Valley Civilization: Art ExplorationEnrichment and enhancement is a boon offered by Nature after a deep turmoil. After the saga, the global water disaster the boost of economy and development emphasize the strong survival core of humans. History too, reveals the wash out of the golden Indus Civilization. In the hidden identity of Indus, a remarkable […]

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