Feel Fortunate

(Reg. No: E/3620 Pune dated11/07/2002)

         Trust is undertaken the activities of research in Art and                    technology.

          The aims and objectives of the trust:

  • To provide training in Fine Arts and other Allied Arts to the students and also to promote research work in both theory and practice.
  • To provide training in Water Color, Oil Paintings, Murals, Sculptures, Pottery & Folk Arts and crafts.
  • To organize Exhibitions, Events, Slideshows of Paintings, seminars in Private and pblic Festivals, Seminars, Symposia, workshops, Group Discussions etc.
  • To undertake research on the field of Historical and Spiritual aspects of Indian Culture.
  • To organize spiritual camps through paintings and crafts.
  • To research and propagate Art, Science and Philosophy of Yoga, Tantra, Vedas Upanishads through fine art which would contribute to the human development  and quality of life.
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