Rangavali Fresco Paintings:

Rangavali (Stone Powder) is a 5000 year old folk art carrying Indian floor heritage. In domestic forum Rangavali is one classified under 64 arts & 14 branches of knowledge represents Indian earthen expression.

Art Innovation: Unique research by Fine Art Painter Dr. Bharati Mate and Sunil Balkawade, experimented on the innovative medium: Dry Frescos of Rangavali on Canvas or Rangavali fresco Paintings, first canvas frescos innovated.

Fresco Technology is the oldest known form of Mural Paintings called Mother of all Arts. We are also inspired by the internationally known wet frescos of Ajanta Paintings.

Wonders of Wet Fresco: The technology of fresco are the oldest known form of Mural Painting called as ‘Mother of all Arts’. Ajanta Paintings in India, Sistine Chapels in Rome are the world known wonders of wet fresco.

Dry Frescos of Rangavali:

For last two decades painter duo Dr. Bharati Mate & Sunil Balkawade are innovatively involved in the field of fine art & applied art. For last 10 years they experimented on the unique medium: Dry Frescos of Rangavali on Canvas.

The floor Rangavali which has a stint life, is conditioned & permanently blends to the Canvas. Here perishable Rangavali stands vertically on canvas, then on wall with magical happening.

A Thoughtful Floor canvas:

These Rangavali Paintings are thought forms of interaction, identity, the life enhancing and experience, which gives energy & appeal with cultural & visual flavor, concept into form. Hence these Rangavali Paintings are reservoir of positive energy & source to attain Health, Wealth & Happiness with Bloom and Celebration.

Eight Fortune Symbols:

Here we have designed a dynamic art language in the form of Rangavali Script .The script comprises of eight fortune symbols used in various cultures as well as art in general and their interrelated combinations that metamorphose traditional art expressions. All these paintings have a natural energy flow, which we want to reinforce through our project.

The cult is to open new doors of internal (soul) and external environment (art expression) for enhanced living.

The Rangavali Script of Eight Fortune Symbols emerges through realization: Dot, Line, semi-Circle, Circle, Swastika, Ashta-padkamal, Cow feet & Pentagon.

Divine Kinetic Force:

These Rangavali Dry Frescos are not only geometric patterns, or the aesthetics, they are the aspects of Life relates with day today Human activities. They are not only forms of drawings but they are the source of inspiration. They are not only decorative forms but understanding of our cultural ethos behind.

The project focus is to highlight the magic created out of various forms, shapes & especially horizontal & vertical lines. (Intersecting of lines creates a kinetic force or momentum, as revealed an energy center since ages)

Dynamic Art Research: Rangavali Frescos on canvas:

Since primeval times Fresco Paintings are known as Mother of all Arts, from Neolithic to Paleolithic caves through various phases and renaissance. Fresco paintings are known as oldest form of paintings. They guide us through more than 40000-100000 years across cultures and continents.

The world known caves of Ajanta in India & Sistine chapels by Michel Angelo in Europe is the classical example of wet fresco. The cave paintings from Ajanta are alive for around 2000 years and re-breath the essence of Indian Art Texture. Here, the technique emphasizes primarily, the art of surface making or plastering, pouncing and painting in various ways.

In south India temples are like Brihadeshawara in Tanjavur (Tamilnadu), Lepakshi (Andhra Pradesh), Meenakshi in Madurai, Kamakshi (Kanchipuram) are marvelous examples of Fresco Paintings. After visit, its appeal gave way to the new innovation of canvas frescos, after 10 years experimentation. These Dry Frescos of Rangavali on canvas have innovated & attempted a herculean task of this form persistent & ever living on canvas.



Rangavali Medium:

A plaster of rough coat with binding powders & compounds is applied to create a fresco & in finished coat it is painted with the help of pouncing technique. While working on the project our vision is to facilitate the development of effective Art concept using independent freedom in the Art & create new depth on the path of symbolism.

Mobile: Rangavali Fresco paintings:

One added advantage of these paintings as they are on canvas, one can able to role it effectively and send any nook and corner of the world. Otherwise one has to go to Ajanta or Sistine chapel to see them.

Indus Valley Art Exploration:

Na yam dipsanti dipsvo na druhuvano jananam – (Rgveda 1.25.14)

Neither the wicked can harm, nor can the jealous violate him. These words originally sung in the praise of lord Varuna are equally applicable to the spirit of enterprising people who never leave their goals unachieved. The life of the people belonging to the first civilization on the Indian subcontinent was not easy. They were enveloped by the unending expanse of the sea on one front while on the other by that of the Rann of Kutch. This physical reality must have always played on their minds right from the days of the first civilization. The hard physical reality certainly made these people indomitable, enterprising. Along with time came newer catastrophes and unknown enemies, and yet they had crossed physical and cultural boundaries. The challenge of the adverse and the unknown made them emerge like the Phoenix; gracefully. Till today, there are only a few instances when their sense of commerce and art has been surpassed.

Rock Art of India:

Adwaippratirupam tatshilpam||   (Shatpathabrahmana (

The reproduced image is an art. (Shatapatha Brahmana C 800BC)

Rock Paintings are found in India, Australia & South Africa. Indian Rock Art consisting of                                       pictographs (Drawings and Paintings) & petroglyphs (Carvings) made by both prehistoric & historic. These could be considered the original seeds of the art of painting.

The Indian rock paintings are colorful and pigmented coloring seems to be the Indian contribution to the art of paintings. Pigments are made from powdered minerals, sometimes mixed with animal fats, consisted largely on earth tones.

Rock Paintings are expressions of basic human attitudes & emotions. Collectively they represent an ancient values and aspiration that human beings have cherished for all times.

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